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Top Five Wedding Vendors!

  1. The Venue

First and foremost is the Venue or Location that you are planning to get married. This is arguably the most important behind the photographer (that might help plan the location) because if you don’t have your date reserved with the venue then your wedding day can’t happen. Things to think about for the venue are: amount of parking, are they wheelchair accessible, what accommodations are close by for out of state guests, and do you get ready on site or somewhere else. Some more things to consider are do they have a preferred vendor list that you have to use or can you bring outside vendors such as a caterer or bartender and how early set up can begin and when does everything need to be cleaned up by. This will help determine amount of hours needed. 

2. The Photographer

Next is the photographer. Obviously I am a little biased but photographers book out a year ahead like venues do. If there is someone you have been looking at, definitely reach out as soon as you know your date to make sure that they are still available. Things to consider when booking your photographer are: do you like their editing style? Ask to see previous galleries so that you can see how their photos are edited in different lighting situations. What do the packages include? Do you need a second shooter for different getting ready locations? What is most important to you, the getting ready details and first looks or the reception and exit? This can help when determining what time to have them start and end. 

3. The Planner or Day of Coordinator 

This one is huge and highly missed. The planner might not be needed for all the details leading up to the wedding if you don’t want to use them for that but I cannot stress enough how much they are needed for the day of to make things go as smooth as possible. Not only do they normally help with set up and take down but they also keep things flowing and making sure that everyone is aware of what they need to be doing and when. They also communicate and coordinate with all the vendors and help create the timeline along with the photographer so that everyone has a point of reference. 

4. The Dj

The Dj is sooooo crucial because they create the flow of the day just as much as the planner. No only do they keep the dance floor alive but they also make sure the right music is played during the ceremony and make announcements along the way from the cocktail hour through the end of the night. I think reviews are huge for dj’s because past clients will be honest about how the music was and how the dj did in general. 

5. The Florist

Last but not least, in my opinion, is the florist! I loooooove florists and I think they get easily overlooked as something you can skimp on or cut in your budget. But there is nothing like fresh flowers and well orchestrated installments on alters and centerpieces. They really bring everything together and the details matter. They are in the background of all the photos from the bouquets to the cake and the tables. Something to consider if you are on a budget is the type of flower. Some flowers are less expensive than others and are still a beautiful option. There is also room to save those flowers in resin after the day has past to remember and honor them. 

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Top Five Wedding Vendors!

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