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Best Private Chefs for Colorado Elopement!

When planning your elopement in Colorado, have you thought “I really want something nice for dinner but don’t have enough people or don’t want to have a caterer”? Well I have some other options for you that would be more suited for a smaller amount of people! Here are some of my favorite chefs and one company that has a unique idea!

1. Chef Abhay Nair with House of Nair.

Chef Abhay is based in Aspen, CO and offers a wide variety of options that incorporate flavorful infused of Caribbean and Indian foods! This guy is meticulous and honestly a treasure to talk to! Back story, I was going to film their wedding before I got pregnant and my due date happened to be a week before their wedding. I am still sad about it lol. But none the less, I highly recommend Chef Abhay when in the Aspen/Snowmass area. And it gets better, there is also a cannabis-infused menu option. I know what you’re thinking “No way I want to be to high to enjoy the night” or maybe you’re thinking “Hell fucking yes!”. Regardless your thoughts, this is a carefully designed menu to experience a high that is not overwhelming but enjoyable! And it adds a little fun to the atmosphere!

2. Chef Eric Vollono.

I have worked with him personally at a previous elopement and all I can say is him and his wife are lovely people and focused in the kitchen, it was great to watch and the plates looked so delicious that I wished I was a guest to try them! His background gives him a wide variety of experience in different cuisines but he handles them with care and love. Something fun that is also offered is cooking classes! Who doesn’t love a unique date night idea to pick up some tips and tricks!

3. My final option, which I personally think is so fun, is The Peppered Pear.

The create charcuterie boxes that would be great for elopements, brunch or just a party! Located in Colorado Springs and a veteran/woman owned business. Prices can be found through their site and on instagram.

Wow, what amazing options you now have! I hope this was helpful and gives you a great jumping point for your elopement and what you can envision for your menu! Until next time!

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Best Private Chefs for Colorado Elopement!

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